Professional Development

Train & Help Babies Organization collaborates with experts in neonatology, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, neurology, and more to bring advanced medical knowledge to our partnering medical centers.

Working directly with the medical center, TaHB helps to identify health outcomes that are in need of improvement. Targeted education is provided through conferences and skill-building workshops. The conferences are an opportunity for teams of medical experts to share their knowledge through lectures and seminars, as well as an opportunity to establish a collaborative working environment. Workshops provide skill-building opportunities for medical professionals through hands-on learning activities.


Resource Support

Train & Help Babies Organization identifies the resource needs at each partnering facility and coordinates the procurement of medical supplies and equipment.


Continuing Education

Train & Help Babies Organization strongly believes that the relationship with our partnering medical centers does not end after the conferences. In order to have the most success, we remain involved by providing continued support through future visits, online continuing education opportunities, and ongoing communication.

Continued Education Opportunities