The Youth Chapter is an active service-oriented and youth-driven component of the Train & Help Babies Organization, helping to nurture a sense of community and encourage involvement among our future generations. It provides opportunities for youth to participate with their family and friends, serve others, and gain life skills and experience. 

TaHB Magazine

The TaHB Magazine is a publication produced by the Youth Chapter containing scientific articles, timely scientific news, and interviews from the medical and public health community.

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    How can I get involved?

    The Train and Help Babies Organization fosters the development of leadership skills at a young age and encourages youth to serve others in their community. Youth Chapters also provide opportunities for adult volunteers to acquire new leadership skills through active participation and supervision of Youth Chapter operations. Contact if you are interested in opening a Youth Chapter.

    Opportunities to participate in local Youth Chapter activities occur year-round. They are typically service-minded projects, events to raise awareness to healthcare, or other activities that support the needs of the Train and Help Babies Organization.

    Youth can contribute to writing content for the magazine, conducting interviews, helping to design magazine issues, and more. 

    Periodically, Train and Help Babies Organization have opportunities for the Youth Chapter to contribute to grant writing. This is an opportunity for youth to gain experience in the area of grant writing, a valuable skill in the workforce.

    India is a unique multicultural country, with rich history and diversity. There are opportunities for youth to participate in trips when the organization sends medical teams from the USA. Youth can help support the educational activities planned for healthcare providers at partnering medical centers. Contact if you are interested in traveling with the Train and Help Babies Organization team.

    Fundraising is necessary to sustain the activities of a nonprofit organization. The Youth Chapter is welcome to participate and contribute to the year-round fundraising  events, including walkathons, cultural events, art shows, and more.

    Interested in joining the youth chapter?

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